Event Registration

When creating an event on VoiceBoxer, whether it is multilingual or monolingual, you have the possibility of allowing users to pre-register for it. You can enable this by checking the registration box during the first step of the Event Creation page: This allows you to know who would like to attend the event and the […]

Security and encryption

Our customers security is paramount for us. VoiceBoxer if fully encrypted end-to-end with the following specifications: Browser web traffic is encrypted with TLS/SSL: 2048-bit RSA key, using AES-CBC with 256-bit key for encryption, HMAC-SHA1 for authentication and ECDHE-RSA for initial key exchange. SSL Certificate issued by COMODO (used for TLS/SSL encryption and server identification/authentication) Browser […]

Optimal Firewall Configuration

Connection to VoiceBoxer services might be blocked by the firewall configurations within your network. Please note that you can always check if VoiceBoxer works for you on our check page by selecting your appropriate role, further on please run the Pre-Call test for an all-in-one checklist for connectivity, media access, and quality. Network Infrastructure VoiceBoxer […]

Check your settings

Before connecting to VoiceBoxer or if you are experiencing any issue during an event, you can check your settings at our check page. If you get all green marks, you can check that your audio and video settings are ok by checking the camera feed and sound level bar at the bottom of the page. Moderator / […]