How to Use VoiceBoxer Open Meeting (All speakers are able to speak)

How to Participate in Open Meetings on VoiceBoxer VoiceBoxer Open Meeting allows for up to 13 speakers (including the moderator) to speak and participate in events with simultaneous interpretation. Additional speakers can participate in the event, but only 13 speakers will be able to speak at the same time and have their audio and video […]

Using VoiceBoxer Connect

The browser-based version of VoiceBoxer Connect enables you to continue using your regular communication tool (think Zoom, MS Teams etc.) and adds professional simultaneous interpretation in as many languages as needed. There are three ways to use VB Connect directly through your browser: Connect to the meeting platform and VB Connect in the same browser […]

How to configure your microphone on Windows 10/11

Making sure to have the microphone correctly set up in your PC is crucial for Interpreters, but also for Moderators and Presenters. In this article, you will learn how to set the default microphone, adjust the microphone input volume levels and make sure the microphone is not muted on Windows 10/11. Setting the Default Microphone […]

Guest Access to VoiceBoxer Events

VoiceBoxer is full of useful and exciting features and one of them is the ability to access events as a guest. This means that anyone with access to the ‘s unique URL can log into the event as a listen-only audience without a VoiceBoxer account. Events can be created with guest access by selecting the […]

How to allow the VoiceBoxer Support Chat in Google Chrome?

You have a question or would like to ask technical advice from VoiceBoxer team during an event but can’t see the “?” icon to get in touch with us? When you can’t see the “?” icon at the bottom left corner (or you can see it but clicking it does nothing) while participating in an […]

Account creation and login process for event participants

For the Moderator, Presenters, and Interpreters Their accounts are created automatically when the event creator is adding them for the first time to any VoiceBoxer event. After “Finalize” is clicked on any configuration from the portal, associated Moderator, all Presenters and Interpreters will receive two automatic emails from noreply{at} – The first email is “VoiceBoxer Invitation”, […]

Event Registration

When creating an event on VoiceBoxer, whether it is multilingual or monolingual, you have the possibility of allowing users to pre-register for it. You can enable this by checking the registration box during the first step of the Event Creation page: This allows you to know who would like to attend the event and the […]

Audio Checklist

This is a checklist for all speakers and interpreters on how to test your own audio prior to the beginning of any event. It’s important to follow these instructions in advance to avoid any last-minute issues. Before entering the event: Connect with a computer preferably via Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a browser. Visit […]

Organizations feature

The “Organizations” feature makes it easier to manage all users belonging to your organization in VoiceBoxer. This feature allows you to belong to an organization or even create one and add the members yourself. You can see your organizations by logging in on the VoiceBoxer portal with your VoiceBoxer account. If you don’t have an account, create one […]

VoiceBoxer platform layout

There are two different layouts for VoiceBoxer platform, depending on how and on what purpose the platform is used. Only webcam If there are no slides uploaded for the event, the webcam feed of the active presenter appears in the middle of the screen, as shown below examples. Preferred for: Virtual meetings Onsite events   […]