Organizations feature

The “Organizations” feature makes it easier to manage all users belonging to your organization in VoiceBoxer. This feature allows you to belong to an organization or even create one and add the members yourself. You can see your organizations by logging in on the VoiceBoxer portal with your VoiceBoxer account. If you don’t have an account, create one […]

VoiceBoxer platform layout

There are two different layouts for VoiceBoxer platform, depending on how and on what purpose the platform is used. Only webcam If there are no slides uploaded for the event, the webcam feed of the active presenter appears in the middle of the screen, as shown below examples. Preferred for: Virtual meetings Onsite events   […]

How to allow the use of your microphone and camera

Click on the logo of your browser for the right instructions       Participation in a live event on the VoiceBoxer platform requires the use of your microphone and camera for the moderator(s), presenter(s), and interpreter(s). Allowing the use of your camera and microphone on Google Chrome When connecting from Chrome, a pop-up window will […]

How to assign operator

After you created an event on the VoiceBoxer portal, you can further assign one or more operators for the event. Following the preview step of the event creation and after pressing “Finalize”, you will get an overview of the event (details, link, speakers and so on). In the upper right corner of the events page […]

Instructions for Creator

As a Creator, you have the full control of creating an event and assigning all the roles. Once you created an event and the roles have been assigned, the moderator, presenter(s) and interpreter(s) will receive a customized email that they have been invited to the event. The email received by them will be something along these […]

Technical requirements

Please find here the technical specifications to use VoiceBoxer for online events. (for onsite events, please refer to this guide) Computer Modern computer, 1.6-GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 or later suggested, minimum 4GB RAM. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox installed. Learn more about required browsers here. Connection Broadband connection Ethernet is recommended for speakers and interpreters […]

How to convert PPT and PDF into images

To upload your presentation for an event on VoiceBoxer, all the slides need to be saved as separate images. PowerPoint to images If you have your PowerPoint presentation open in MS Office PowerPoint do the following to convert the slides to images: For MacOS users: Click on ‘File’ button on the menu bar on your […]

How to use chat channels

Chat channels allow you to communicate with one another during the event. The way to use these depends on the role you have at the event and is illustrated in the table below. In addition, you can send direct messages by clicking on a specific name. Once you receive a message in a channel you […]

Roles in VoiceBoxer

In every event on VoiceBoxer there can be up to 4 roles: Moderator Presenter(s) Interpreter(s) Audience Members Moderator The moderator is the role assigned to the main presenter. It can: Control the event (Start, Pause, End) See who is online and designate the speaker Interact with Video, Audio and Screensharing Interact via chat Select language (in […]