Getting Started

Create a multilingual event

If you are under a multilingual plan, you can create your own multilingual events: Log in to your VoiceBoxer account Click on “Plan Event” Personalize your event Select the languages you wish to add to your event Assign roles to the participants   Create a virtual booth Upload your slides Preview and finalize *After you […]

Register for an event

Some events require attendee pre-registration. Please note that to join such event, you must register first. To do so: Open your invitation email from the event host Click on the registration URL to open the registration form Fill your information and click on “Register” If you don’t have a VoiceBoxer account, you will be receiving your credentials […]

Forgot your Password?

If you can’t remember your password: Go to the Password reset page Enter your email address and click on “Send” You will receive an email from VoiceBoxer – donotreply(at) Click on the link to enter your new password   If you are still having issues connecting to your VoiceBoxer account, please contact us here.

Create a monolingual event

You can create your own monolingual events* on VoiceBoxer: Log in to your VoiceBoxer account Click on “Plan Event” Personalize your event Assign roles to the participants* Upload your slides in different languages  in JPEG Preview and finalize *The maximum number of participants – is 10. *To create an event with more participants or to […]

Create a VoiceBoxer Account

To create a VoiceBoxer account: Go to the Sign-up page Enter your name, organization (optional), email and password Click on “Sign up” Please note: you can choose your preferred language to sign up from the top right corner of your screen.  

Change Login Information

  Log in to VoiceBoxer Portal Click on your name on the top right Select “Account” Change your password, name, and organization