For the Moderator, Presenters, and Interpreters

Their accounts are created automatically when the event creator is adding them for the first time to any VoiceBoxer event. After “Finalize” is clicked on any configuration from the portal, associated Moderator, all Presenters and Interpreters will receive two automatic emails from noreply{at}
– The first email is “VoiceBoxer Invitation”, which is mentioning that the event creator set up an account for them; it displays the email and password for their account (unique, secure), as well as some useful login information;
– The second email will contain the actual invitation to the event with its details (date, time, host, time zone check, “Need to know”). Presenters will specifically be receiving the “You have been invited to a VoiceBoxer event” subject.
The above-listed roles can connect via computer:
1. Through the direct link (looks like this:[event key]/login) that you provide.
2. Via the portal, and they only click “Join” on the right session.

For Audiences

These users’ accounts are not created automatically, they can be set up by the guests themselves by clicking “Don’t have an account?” on the event’s page or going straight to our Signup Page.  They will receive a “Welcome to VoiceBoxer” email from norreply[at] confirming their account was created.
This role can connect to an event:
1. Through the direct link
2. On our mobile apps (no chatting), by using the same credentials as on the computer version and an event key. (You’ll find the event key in the URL:[event key]/login)
For guiding the audience members to accessing the event, these instructions can be followed by the Event Creator, to get inspired on how to send personal invitations for an upcoming event.