When creating an event on the VoiceBoxer platform there are multiple ways to invite audience members and multiple ways for them to log in to the event. 

Participants can log in and join an event in multiple ways. 

Login Access

In this case you will join as a user on VoiceBoxer with your own account. To use log in access, simply log in with your email and password (your own password or a password sent to you from VoiceBoxer). This requires an account on VoiceBoxer.  

voiceboxer log in access

Guest Access

Without an account, you may still log onto VoiceBoxer as a guest . In this case, you will log in with your name and join the event as a member of the audience with guest access. 

voiceboxer log in guest access

Registration Access

It’s also possible to join an event with pre-registration by typing in your name, organization and email address. Joining with registration requires an account.

voiceboxer log in registration access

If you have questions or experience trouble logging in please email support@voiceboxer.com