When you download the participant list, registration list or chat transcript from the VoiceBoxer portal, we will compile a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, which you can open with Excel and might appear as in this image:

To convert the file and have it displayed in a readable way, follow these instructions:

1, On Mac:

  • Select the first column
  • Select Data > Text to columns
  • Select Delimited in the first window and click on Next
  • Select Comma as delimiter and click on Next

  • Click on Finish in the last window

2. On Windows:

  • Open a blank spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel
  • Go to the “Data” tab
  • Press either “Get Data” or directly “From Text/CSV”
  • Select the participant list file
  • Under “File Origin”, choose “65001: Unicode (UTF-8) and “Load”

Your data will be now displayed correctly ordered in columns