VoiceBoxer offers the solution of using breakout rooms for your event to break participants into small group sessions for Q&A’s, panel debates or group discussions with a more specific and private selection of participants.

Set up breakout rooms

Below you can see the steps to how to create the breakout rooms.

  1. First you create the main event from your VoiceBoxer account on the VoiceBoxer portal.
  2. Then you create the number of breakout rooms you need for the main event. For example if you need 4 breakout rooms, you create 5 events (= 1 main event + 4 breakout rooms events).
  3. Once all your events are created, share the event keys, titles and order of the rooms to VoiceBoxer support, and we will then create and manage the linking between the different breakout rooms to the main event.

Remember to manually add the selected participants to the right breakout rooms. If you need interpretation for more than one room, remember to book interpreters for each room, since they can’t interpret in multiple rooms at the same time.

Joining breakout rooms

When you  are logged into the main event you will  see the breakout rooms icon to the right. When you click on the icon to the you will see the different rooms you have been invited to and you can easily click to and from the different rooms by clicking on the titles as shown below. Once you are done in the breakout room, you just click on the main meeting to go back to the plenary session.