Headsets and headphones are crucial for receiving good quality audio when you participate in online meetings. Unfortunately they are not resistant to technical issues just like any other hardware. If you experience static noise in your headset or headphones you need to know what’s causing it before you can fix it.

Below are some methods on how to fix typical static issues if the issue is hardware related:

  1. Clean the Jack Port: Most of the time, the reason for the static issue is related to a dirty auxiliary port. Maintaining the cleanliness of your 3.5mm jack port is important to avoid the port getting dirty and therefore causing the sound to get muffled or static when you use your headset. So firstly try checking and cleaning the auxiliary port. 


  1. Check For Loose Wires: Another reason for the static could be that the internal wires in the headset or headphones are disconnected from one another due to overuse or misuse. This is common for the wires where the headset is plugged into the audio jack. Finding a particular way to position the wires so that they connect can fix the static issue temporarily until you find a more sustainable solution to reconnect them. 


  1. Damaged Headset or Headphones: If the first steps don’t solve the static issue with your headset try using it with another fully working device to see if the static is still there. If it is still there it might mean that your headset is the problem and you might want to replace it or take it to a professional repair person to see if they can fix it. 

Source: https://devicetests.com/