VoiceBoxer is excited to introduce our newest event feature, polling!

Event moderators and operators can use VoiceBoxer to poll their events using these easy steps:

VoiceBoxer Polls

  1. Click on the Polls Icon (A)
  2. Click on Create (B)
  3. Follow the prompts to create a question with answers to complete your poll (C) This can be done before or during the event depending on the need.
  4. Save or Publish Your Poll (D) If you want your poll to be visible immediately, click ‘publish’ otherwise you can save a draft and return later to publish your poll.

Once a poll is published, the event participants will see a red dot appear on their poll icon.

VoiceBoxer Polls 2

Audience members can make a selection and click submit to participate in the poll.

Answers are available to the moderator only and all responses are anonymous – no names are attached to the results. Please note that due to confidentiality the polling results are currently not being saved to be available after the event has ended, thus we encourage the moderators to copy the text of the results or take screenshots of them.

VoiceBoxer Polls 3


To translate chats that you receive:

  1. Choose Your Language
  2. Hover over the message or Poll you wish to translate and click on “Translate” as displayed below (you can always revert the translation by clicking there again)

For further guidance refer to this video.

Chat Translation Voiceboxer


For More Information Please Refer to the Video Below: