As a Creator, you have full control of creating an event and assigning all the roles.

Once you created an event and the roles have been assigned, the moderator, presenter(s) and interpreter(s) will receive a customized email, sent from, that they have been invited to the event. The email received by them will be something along these lines:

However, as the creator you need to send a separate email to your desired audience with a set of instructions, as follows:

Event without Registration

By default, all events on VoiceBoxer are created without a registration process in place. The audience members that you invite will have to follow these instructions:

Step 1. Join the event

  • Go to the <<Event Link>> page
  • Join the event by entering your VoiceBoxer credentials. (If you forgot your VoiceBoxer password, you can request a new one here.)
  • If you have never used VoiceBoxer before, you should create a new account by:
    • Clicking on “Don’t have an account?
    • Enter your name, organization (optional), email and password
    • Click on “Sign up”


Step 2. General remarks
  • For the best experience use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Make sure you test your settings here
  • Click here to check the time of the event in your timezone
  • You can also connect to the VoiceBoxer mobile app by using the following event key: <<Event Key>>
    Please note: VoiceBoxer mobile app can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play
Step 3. Support
For further support and questions:
Visit the VoiceBoxer support page or contact them at

Event with Registration
You have the option to have your audience register before the event. This way you can monitor the participants and have an overview of the audience that has pre-registered according to your own deadline.
In order to have the registration page activated, please contact us at by indicating the event key of your event and if you wish to use a banner (see image below).

Please note: If you choose this option, you need to be aware that the event can be accessed only by the users that pre-register for the event.

The audience members that you invite will have to follow these instructions:

Register for the event:

  • Go to the registration page:[event_key]/register
  • Fill in your information and click on “Register”
  • If you don’t have a VoiceBoxer account, you will be receiving your credentials by email. Sign in with your credentials on the registration page and you will be registered.
  • If you already have a VoiceBoxer account, you will be asked to sign in to complete the registration process.
  • Once registered, you will receive an email notification, sent from, with the instructions to join the event