a) Slowdown reminder – press to send a reminder  to slow down to the current speaker

b) Mute button – press to mute your microphone. To unmute your microphone, press the button again

c) Booth control – press to show the status of interpreters in the virtual booth

d) Volume control – press to adjust the volume of the speaker or booth partner in any

e) Sign-out button – press to sign-out from the event

f) Technical support – press to open the chat for technical support

g) Shows the status of your microphone and whether you’re currently broadcasting or not
NB: Only the active interpreter will show “You are broadcasting”

h) Slides of the event will be shown here if available. If multilingual slides have been uploaded, the slides in the language you are interpreting into will be displayed.

i) Shows the current interpretation direction

j) Chat box – type here to chat with your booth partner, other interpreters of the event or the moderator

k) Chat channels – press to open a list of available chat channels and choose the one you would like to chat in. (learn more about chat channels here)

l) Live stream of the active speaker will be shown here if web-camera enabled