VoiceBoxer Interpreter Interface

Interpreter mic handover

Slow-down request – Sends a message to the active speaker anonymously.

Mute – It is useful for the active interpreter. The standby interpreter is muted by default. Click again to unmute.

Booth – Easily switch the microphone with the booth partner (if the bi-directional booth is enabled). See the status of your booth partner:

  • Broadcasting – Active interpreting; only hears source language
  • Available – Muted by default; waiting to switch; hears source language & booth partner interpreting
  • Offline – waiting to be connected

Mic Switching / Handover – 3 steps:

  1. Active interpreter – opens Booth icon & clicks partner’s name to Send switch request & awaits partner’s confirmation;
  2. Standby interpreter – Sees notification on Booth icon & Accept the switch request;
  3. Active interpreter – finds an appropriate moment to Switch Now. Please note both interpreters should see a red banner that says “Switched” at the bottom of your screen.

Volume – Access to the volume controls & Microphones settings & Audio output

Sign Out – Press to leave the event and go back to the login page.

Interface guide – Launches a quick guide introducing all the VoiceBoxer functionalities for the Interpreter role.

Live support – Opens a private chat with the Voiceboxer staff for technical support.

Event Slides – They will be displayed here if they are uploaded.

Magnifying Glass – The event slides or video fees from the active speaker will go full-screen when pressed.

Your Source – The language you are listening to:

  • Default Source = Floor
  • For the relay, pivot language is chosen by selecting an alternative language under ‘Source‘.
  • Not possible to select the same Your Source and Booth Target.
  • Please note other languages are available depending on the event set-up.

Booth Target – The language you are interpreting into:

  • Turn on the booth by selecting a Target language.
  • The button turns RED = Booth engaged and broadcasting.
  • Shared Target: when booth controls are changed by one booth partner, the other sees the change in their interface.
  • Hidden rules in Bidirectional booth: Only the active interpreter should control the Booth Target when changing language direction.

Test your mic – This bar should be moving when you speak into your microphone. please note that you will be broadcasting when you are the active interpreter.

The green dot – Shows you are connected as the broadcasting interpreter.

Chat channels – Choose the one you would like to chat with. Your Virtual Booth is opened by Default – the closed chat with booth partner.