Choose the language you will be listening to. You will hear your preferred language either from the active speaker or from the simultaneous interpretation. 

Different languages will be available at the event depending on your needs.

Mic icon – Press to mute and unmute your microphone.

Camera icon – Press to turn on and off your own camera.

Test your mic – The top right bar should be moving when you speak into your microphone. Please note that you will be broadcasting when the floor is given to you. 

 Chat Channels – Choose the one you would like to chat in any language (learn more about the chat channels).

To translate Chats  and Polls that you receive:

  1. Select “Your Language”     
  2. Hover over the Chat message or Polls you wish to translate and click on “Translate message” as displayed below (you can always revert the translation by clicking there again).

Please note: Translation features are NOT applicable for Interpreters & Private Chats.

Live technical support – Opens a private chat with the VoiceBoxer staff for technical support.

Stop all video & audio. Completely ends the event; **Importantcannot re-enter**. 

DO NOT end the event if you only want to pause it. Once ended, cannot re-enter.

Pause the Event – The event will be paused immediately when pressing the Pause button.

     Press to change the event configuration between the Structured moderation (Only 1 person can be heard at a time) and Open meeting (all can speak). 

  Toggle between single and multiple-speaker views. Choose to see the active speaker only or other participants.

  Press to see the list of all speakers and their connection status.

  • As a Moderator, you can assign the floor to other speakers and take it back whenever you wish.
  • Also, as a moderator, you can choose to mute/ unmute all when you are speaking.
  • When Speakers are requesting the floor, you get notifications on who requested it first.
  • Up to 13 Speakers can be shown on the main screen. As a moderator, you need to press the arrow   close to the name and make one available on the screen (this will replace some speakers who were on-screen before).

Control Event slides – The moderator can move slides for speakers, but ideally, we should leave it to the active speaker to do so.
1) Previous slide; Next slide
2) Jump back 10 slides; Jump forward 10 slides
3) Show slides; Stop showing slides

4) Current slide No.

5) Share your screen (learn more about screen-sharing here).

Start the Event – There will be 30 seconds countdown when pressing the Start button. Only the moderator can Start/Pause/End the event.

Request floor – This will send a visual signal to the Co-Moderators (if any were added), highlighting you would like to take the floor.

Interpreters List of Interpretation languages available at the event. You can check if the interpreters have engaged their booths there. 

When language booths are not connected or switched off, they appear greyed out.

After interpreters have engaged the booth, the available languages for the event appear in bold in the moderator’s menu.

 AudiencesList of all audience members connected to the event. They can only follow the audio, video and chat, but can neither be seen nor heard. 

Video/Audio Settings – Opens the list for:
1) Enable the use of your webcam
2) Microphone settings
3) Output settings (select your preferred listening device)

Sign Out – Press to leave the event and go back to the login page. Please note that signing out does not stop the event. 

 Interface guide – Launches a quick guide introducing all the VoiceBoxer functionalities for the Moderator role.

Event Slides –  They will be shown here if they are uploaded.

Magnifying Glass – The event slides or video feed from the active speaker will go on full-screen when pressed.

 Interface Language (top-right corner) – Choose in which language all of the features will be displayed, including on the portal or login process.

Polling Options – Allow you to administer (create, draft and publish) or vote in live polls that you or co-moderators set up.


  • Only Moderators can create polls.
  • Draft- Create multiple polls and save them for later.
  • Published- Hit PUBLISH to share them with participants. Once published, cannot recall.

4 polling configurations

  • Whether Voters’ names are hidden or visible
  • Whether Results visible only to moderators or everyone

Please write to if you have any questions.