To access the operator panel go to:

The page can be accessed only by the creator of the event and the designated operator(s).
Learn more about how to assign operator(s) here.

a) Shows the name of the event

Speakers section (b-e)
Moderator and all assigned presenters for the event are listed under here
b) Status – shows if the presenter is available / idle / offline

c) Broadcasting sign – appears in front of the name of presenter who has the floor

d) Language – shows in which channel each presenter and audience member is listening the event

e) App – shows through which browser each participant accesses VoiceBoxer

Booths section (f-h)
All the assigned language booths are listed under here
f) Shows the booth languages

g) Shows the interpretation direction

h) Broadcasting sign – appears in front of the name of the interpreter who is broadcasting

Audience section
All the audience members are listed under here

i) Slides will be shown here if uploaded

j) Shows the webcam (if enabled) and name of the monitored speaker or interpreter (you can switch between by clicking the name on the list of Speakers or Booths)

k) Zoom and sound controls – click on the magnifying glass for full-screen view, click on the speaker icon to mute/unmute the speaker or interpreter

l) Event status – shows if the event has been started / paused / stopped

m) Account name – click to access your account details or to sign-out