The “Organizations” feature makes it easier to manage all users belonging to your organization in VoiceBoxer. This feature allows you to belong to an organization or even create one and add the members yourself.

You can see your organizations by logging in on the VoiceBoxer portal with your VoiceBoxer account.
If you don’t have an account, create one here

On the portal, you can see the “Events” feature where you will find all your upcoming events and “Organization” in the top left corner as depicted below.

You can view your organizations from the dropdown box menu
If you are already our customer, VoiceBoxer has created the organization for you and you can add the people belonging to it.
If not you will get the following message and you can create one by selecting the ‘Create New’ .

If you have been added as an owner to your organization you will receive an invite by mail to accept the affiliation to the organization. You can further add other owners to the organization and members. to do this you must first first select members and then “Invite Member”.


You can invite specified members to join the organization by inserting their email address. If they don’t have a VoiceBoxer account yet, they will receive an email. Check “Owner” if you want them to be owners and be able to invite additional members.

Please note: All members of your organization will inherit the organization plan.

After you’ve invited all the organization members your VoiceBoxer portal will look like this:

The members you invited will receive an email notification for joining the organization.

Your invitees will be logging in on the VoiceBoxer portalas instructed and click on the “Organizations” tab as seen above. Under “Organizations” they will see that they do not belong yet to any organization and they have to press “Pending Invites” to accept the one sent by email. Once accepted, the owner/member will be allowed to create events on behalf of the organization.

Owners can add more people to the organization, make others owners, create events,

If you wish to change your membership plan, please contact us at