a) Request the floor – press to request the floor from the moderator

b) List of presenters – press to see the list of all presenters and their connection status

c) List of participants – press to see the list of all audience members connected to the event

d) Disable camera/enable screen-sharing – press to open the list for: 1) disable/re-enable the use of your web-camera 2) share your screen with the event participants (learn more about screen-sharing here)

e) Sign-out button – press to sign-out from the event

f) Technical support – press to open the chat for technical support

g) Shows the status of your microphone and whether you’re currently broadcasting or not
NB. You will be broadcasting only when the floor is given to you.

h) Slides of the event will be shown here if any uploaded

i) Speaking language choice – press to open the list of available languages for the event and choose the language you will be speaking in

j) Chat box – type here to chat with other participants of the event

k) Next slide button – press to show the next slide (there is an opposite arrow button on the left to go to the previous slide) NB! Can be used only when you’re broadcasting

l) Chat channels – press to open a list of available chat channels and choose the one you would like to chat in (learn more about chat channels here)

m) Live stream of the active speaker will be shown here if web-camera enabled