We recommend using a proper Windows PC to set up the VoiceBoxer Connect event:

1. Sound settings

  • Download a virtual audio device such as VB-Audio Virtual Cable or similar software in advance.
  • Set virtual audio device as the default Input (Playback) & Output (Recording).


2. Join meetings

  • Join your meeting from any third-party video conferencing platform such as your internal platform, MS Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, etc.  As a technician, you should mute yourself and switch off your camera in the meeting.
  • Join the VoiceBoxer event as a moderator from VoiceBoxer Portal.

3. Set up OBS

  • Download a screen capture software such as OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) in advance.
  • Open OBS–> Add Sources–> Select “Window Capture”–> “OK”.


  • Choose to capture your meeting under “Window“–> deselect “Capture Cursor“–> “OK”.

  • Resize the window capture under “Preview “–> Click “Transition” –> the window under “Program” will be shown on VoiceBoxer.

  • Click “Start Virtual Camera” under “Controls”

  • If you want to reselect a window to capture, right-click the “Window Capture–> Properties” under the Sources

4. Stream your meeting to the VoiceBoxer platform

  • Click “Change camera” from Video/Audio settings on VoiceBoxer

  • Check the video feed in the top-right corner shows your meeting (i.e. the window capture on OBS)

  • Start the Voiceboxer event
  • Go back to your original meeting tab and enter full-screen mode (such as your internal platform, MS Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet).
  • Test the OBS “Audio Mixer” bar by moving your volume slider.

  • Your VoiceBoxer Connect event is all set!

Please write to support@voiceboxer.com if you have any questions.