Choose the language you will be listening to. You will hear your preferred language either from the active speaker or from the simultaneous interpretation.

Different languages will be available at the event depending on your needs.

 Mic icon – Press to mute and unmute your microphone.

 Camera icon – Press to turn on and off your own camera.

   Toggle between single and multiple-speaker views. Choose to see the active speaker only or other participants.

 Test your mic – The top right bar should be moving when you speak into your microphone. Please note that you will be broadcasting when the floor is given to you.

Chat Channels – Choose the one you would like to chat in any language (learn more about the chat channels).

To translate Chats  and Polls that you receive:

  1. Select “Your Language”     
  2. Hover over the Chat message or Polls you wish to translate and click on “Translate message” as displayed below (you can always revert the translation by clicking there again).

Please note: Translation features are NOT applicable for Private Chats.

 Live technical support – Opens a private chat with the VoiceBoxer staff for technical support.

   Request floor – Sends a notification to the moderator that you want to speak.

  • Up to 13 Speakers can be shown on screen, other speakers need to request the floor to be shown on screen (this will replace some speakers who were on-screen).
  • If you didn’t see yourself on the screen, and you want to speak, you need to request the floor, and the moderator will let you in.

Control Event slides – Only see this when it is your turn to present, i.e. when the moderator passes the Floor to you.

1) Previous slide;  Next slide
2) Jump back 10 slides; Jump forward 10 slides
3) Show slides; Stop showing slides

4) Current slide No.

5) Share your screen (learn more about screen-sharing here).

  Speakers – Press to see the list of all speakers and their connection status.

  Audiences – see the list of all audience members connected to the event. They can only follow the audio, video and chat, but can neither be seen nor heard.

 Interface guide – Launches a quick guide introducing all the VoiceBoxer functionalities for the Speaker role.

Event Slides –  They will be shown here if they are uploaded.

 Magnifying Glass – The event slides or video feed from the active speaker will go on full-screen when pressed.

  Interface Language (top-right corner) – Choose in which language all of the features will be displayed, including on the portal or login process.


Interface Language (top-right corner) – Choose in which language all of the features will be displayed, including on the portal or login process.

Sign Out – Press to leave the event and go back to the login page. Please note that signing out does not stop the event.

Polls – The moderator can submit questions with options for you to answer during the event.