VoiceBoxer Speaker Interface

Request floor – Sends a notification to the moderator that you want to speak.

Speakers – Press to see the list of all speakers and their connection status.

Audiences – see the list of all audience members connected to the event.

Video/Audio Settings – Opens the list for:

1) Enable the use of your webcam
2) Microphone settings
3) Output settings

Sign Out – Press to leave the event and go back to the login page.

Interface guide – Launches a quick guide introducing all the VoiceBoxer functionalities for the Speaker role.

Live support – Opens a private chat with the VoiceBoxer staff for technical support.

Event slides – They will be displayed here if they are uploaded.

Magnifying Glass – The event slides or video feed from the active speaker will go on full-screen when pressed.

Control Event slides – Only see this when it is your turn to present, i.e. when the moderator passes the Floor to you.

1) Previous/ Next slide
2) Jump back/ forward 10 slides
3) Show/ Stop showing slides

4) Share your screen with the event participants (learn about screen-sharing here).

Single/ Multi-video view – Toggle between single and multiple video views. Choose to see the active speaker only or other participants.

Mic icon – Press to mute and unmute your microphone.

Camera icon – Press to turn on and off your own camera.

Select your language (under the event slides) – Choose the language you will be listening to. You will hear your preferred language either from the active speaker or from the simultaneous interpretation.

Test your mic  – This bar should be moving when you speak into your microphone. Please note that you will be broadcasting only when the floor is given to you.

Interface Language (top-right corner) – Choose in which language all of the features will be displayed, including on the portal or login process.

Chat Channels – Open a list of available chat channels and choose the one you would like to chat in (learn more about this feature).

Polls – The moderator can submit questions with options for you to answer.