Please find here the technical specifications to use VoiceBoxer for online events. (for on-site events, please refer to this guide)


  • Minimum requirements: At least 2 GHz dual-core processor and with 4 GB of RAM.
  • Browser: Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Learn more about the compatible browsers here.


  • Make sure computer is connected with Ethernet cable.  Ethernet is highly recommended for speakers and required for interpreters. With modern computers without an Ethernet port, it might be necessary to buy an adapter for your computer (e.g. Ethernet-to-USB or Ethernet-to-Firewire for Mac). In case an Ethernet connection is not possible at your location, please make sure you are not more than 5 meters far from the WiFi router.
  • Run a test at this link and make sure you have at least these results:
    • Min Download speed: 5Mps
    • Min Upload speed: 5Mps
    • Ping: max 50ms
    • Jitter: max 30ms
    • If your results differ from  above, please check with your internet provider
  • Additionally, you should ensure that you get all green ticks when you run VoiceBoxer check page . This will ensure that your firewall is not blocking connections to our servers. To learn more, visit this page.
  • For on-site events, please refer to this guide)

Headset/Sound (for the Moderator, Presenter and Interpreter roles)

  • Please visit this page to learn more