Please find here the technical specifications to use VoiceBoxer for online events. (for on-site events, please refer to this guide)


  • Modern computer, 1.6-GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 or later suggested, minimum 4GB RAM.
  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera browser installed. Learn more about the compatible browsers here.


  • Broadband connection. You can test your connection at SpeedTest (for onsite events, please refer to this guide). Min download/upload 5MB/s, Ping max 50ms.
  • Ethernet is recommended for speakers and required for interpreters. With modern computers without an Ethernet port, it might be necessary to buy an adapter for your computer (example of Ethernet-to-USB or Ethernet-to-Firewire for Mac). Only in case Ethernet connection is not possible at your location, please make sure you are not more than 5 meters far from WiFi router.
  • Check your network settings using VoiceBoxer check page. This will ensure that your firewall is not blocking connections to our servers. To learn more, visit this page.


  • Professional headset with integrated microphone (recommended suppliers: Plantronics and Sennheiser). Please make sure your headset is compatible with your computer for input/output ports. Smartphone earpiece with microphone, such as Apple earpiece must not be used.
  • The headset that is being used as a microphone must be detected by your operating system and selected as the default recording device.
  • For interpreters, Home/office without background noise, possibly with sound insulation. For interpreters working from their home, we recommend working in a room without echo. Doors and windows should be kept closed in case there are external noises that might be picked up during the assignment (e.g. other people voices, pets, traffic, external noises, etc..).