Please find here the technical specifications to use VoiceBoxer for online events. (for onsite events, please refer to this guide)


  • Modern computer, 1.6-GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 or later suggested, minimum 4GB RAM.
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox installed. Learn more about required browsers here.


  • Broadband connection
  • Ethernet is recommended for speakers and interpreters
  • Min download/upload 5MB/s, Ping max 50ms. You can test your connection at SpeedTest (for onsite events, please refer to this guide)
  • Check your network settings using VoiceBoxer check page. This will ensure that your firewall is not blocking connections to our servers. To learn more, visit this page.


  • Professional headset with integrated microphone, such as Jabra Biz duo 1900. Please make sure your headset is compatible with your computer for input/output ports.
  • For interpreters, we do request to work from a home/office without background noise, possibly with sound insulation.