You have been invited to a web meeting on GoToWebinar and live interpretation in several languages will be available. To make sure everything runs smoothly, we summarized the different steps you have to follow. Keep in mind: you should use Google Chrome for the best performance, followed by Edge (Windows) or Safari (Mac).


Step #1: Join GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting

Please access the GoTo link that you have received from the organizers. We recommend joining via a separate device (a smartphone’s browser), to make it easier to control the volume of each application individually.


Step #2: Join VoiceBoxer Connect

Open the VB Connect link that will be shared with you in the GoTo chat or via email. Select your preferred language for listening to the interpreted audio by clicking on the menu above the VB logo.

For technical support, please write to


Step #3: Mute GoTo Audio

In case you use both platforms on the same device, please mute GoToWebinar to avoid double audio. This can be done by:

  • Joining GoTo via the browser (if possible) – Right-click on the browser tab and select “Mute Site” or “Mute Tab”

  • Joining GoTo via the desktop app (for Windows):

a) Go to the Windows “Volume Mixer” (bottom-right, next to the clock), by right-clicking on the Speaker icon, then click on “Open Volume Mixer”. Alternatively, you can search “Sound mixer options” in the Windows start menu.

b) Mute or lower the sound output for GoTo


Please write to by email if you have any questions.