When you are having multilingual events on the VoiceBoxer platform you can choose different configurations depending on your needs and preferences for the specific setup. Whether you are planning a webinar, online meeting or hybrid event with other platforms we have multiple configurations and options. 

Below you can read more about each VoiceBoxer configuration and its advantages. 

VoiceBoxer Podium

This configuration is the “classic” VoiceBoxer configuration with the specific principle of only having one active speaker at a time. This means that the presenters in the event need to request the floor from the moderator in order to speak. With this configuration we want to highlight the option for 3 different layouts depending on your event setup: 

“Single View”

This format allows participants to focus their attention only on the presentation material and the active presenter. Single View is tailored to webinars and web presentations where the main speaker and presentation needs to be highlighted. 

voiceboxer podium

“Speaker View”  

It allows your participants to see multiple speakers at once in your meeting. In this format you can prioritize the active speaker in the main area of the screen while the rest of the speakers in the meeting are visible below the presentation or the active speaker feed. This format can show the webcam feed of the active speaker and 5 panelists. 

voiceboxer podium

“Gallery View” 

With this option you can see even more speakers in your meeting. The main speaker will still be highlighted in the top-left corner of the screen (top-right if a presentation is uploaded) with the other speakers on the side and below. This format can show the videos of up to 13 speakers.

voiceboxer podium

VoiceBoxer Forum

voiceboxer forum

With this configuration every participant in the forum can mute and unmute their microphone when they want, so they can speak and take part in the discussion at all times when in the forum. The moderator can move the speakers up and down on the speaker list and also in and out of the forum. In this configuration the principle with “only one active speaker at a time” is set aside so every forum participant can speak freely.

voiceboxer forum

In case that too many people speak at the same time or there is background noise and it becomes hard for the interpreters or audiences to follow them, we encourage moderators to coordinate or even mute presenters if needed.

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VoiceBoxer Connect

voiceboxer connect

This configuration makes hybrid events with integrated technologies easy and it is designed to build the perfect bridge between virtual meeting platforms. With VoiceBoxer Connect you can integrate with your preferred virtual meeting platform and VoiceBoxers professional interpretation interface. In this way, you can listen to the interpretation from VoiceBoxer while you are communicating with participants in another virtual meeting space. 

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