You have a question or would like to ask technical advice from VoiceBoxer team during an event but can’t see the “?” icon to get in touch with us?

When you can’t see the “?” icon at the bottom left corner (or you can see it but clicking it does nothing) while participating in an event on VoiceBoxer via Google Chrome it’s very likely that the Cookies of our live chat are blocked by your browser security settings (also by AdBlockers or other extensions).

To allow the use of cookies required for VoiceBoxer live chat, please do the following:

  1. Click on the little lock icon next to the address bar and choose ‘Cookies’ from the drop-down menu.
  2. Go to the ‘Blocked‘ tab and click on the cookies in the list associated with “livechatinc” and then click ‘Allow‘ for each of them and then click on ‘Done
  3. Refresh your browser to update the new cookie settings.


The second option is to try to connect to VoiceBoxer via Google Chrome Incognito tab as the Incognito tab doesn’t include any extensions (if not manually allowed) and thus shouldn’t block the cookies in the first place.

To open the Chrome Incognito tab, press CMD + Shift + N on Mac computer or CTRL + Shift + N on Windows computer. Make sure to close the regular Chrome browser before logging in to the event on the Incognito tab.

Once you have the “?” icon you can open the support chat with us by clicking on the “?” icon, then “Start the chat” and write your message to us 🙌


You’re more than welcome to contact us via support[at] if the issue persists or if you have further questions.