Frequently Asked Questions

Connection Issues

What can I do when I get disconnected?

If you get disconnected during an event, you should try refreshing your browser window to regain connection. If the problem persist, please visit our check page and our support page.

What type of connection should I use?

To best experience VoiceBoxer we recommend using an Ethernet cable connection. To learn more, you can visit our blog post.

You can always check your connection at our check page, visit how here.

Creating an Event

How do I upload my slides?

You can upload a presentation when creating or editing your event in the VoiceBoxer portal:

  1. Go to the ‘Slides’ section
  2. Choose the language for your slides
  3. Click “Add Slides”
  4. Click on the + icon and choose the slides from your computer
  5. Move or delete individual slides if needed with buttons on each slide

Note: To add slides in more than one language, a language booth with respective languages needs to be added beforehand. Contact us for any assistance for making your events multilingual.



How do I make my event multilingual?

On a free plan you can create as many monolingual events as you wish.

If you want to host a multilingual event on VoiceBoxer, please get in touch with us at

Can I edit my event?

If you need to edit the event details prior to its start, you can click on “Edit” button on the VoiceBoxer portal.

Why do I need to choose a primary language for slides?

When you upload multilingual slides to an event, you will have to choose a Primary language. The Primary language is the fall back language in case no slides are uploaded for all languages.

Here’s an example. An event will be broadcasted in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French. If you upload slides only in English and Spanish and a participant listens to the event in French, the Primary language selection triggers which slides will be displayed.

How do I convert my slides into images?

If you create your slides in Power Point or PDF, you can save your presentation as images. For step-by-step guide click here.

During and after an event

How can I view the video in full-screen format ?

To enter video full-screen mode, hover the mouse over the video and click on the magnifying glass icon (shown below).

Press ESC on your keyboard to exit full-screen mode.


Can there be multiple moderators?

No. There could be only person moderating a session as they are responsible for starting/stopping the event and passing the floor to Presenters in order.

Can audience intervene with voice or video?

No. The audience can interact with the presenters and other audience members by using the chat.

The Presenters who have been added during the event creation can take the floor and be heard/seen via their microphone/camera. To learn about the roles on VoiceBoxer click here.

How can I share my screen?

The Screen Share feature requires the VoiceBoxer Screen Sharing extension for using Google Chrome; on Mozilla Firefox, this is available by default without any adjustments to your settings.

Once you click the “+” icon, then Screen Share, the other participants will be seeing your screen instead of the webcam feed.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.59.34 AM

What browser can I use?

Depending on your role during an event on VoiceBoxer, you have different possibilities regarding the choice of browser.

For the best experience, we suggest using Chrome, Firefox or Opera as browsers.
Audience members also have the option of using our downloadable mobile apps for an audio-only connection, in case of limited internet or device battery life.

Microsoft Edge and Safari (from version 12.1) are also among the supported browsers with some limitations. As shown below: video streaming is not available when using Edge, only audio and Safari is fully supported for Moderators and Presenters; Interpreters have only audio and there is no Audience support for now.


How can I test my audio and video?

Before any event where you participate as presenter or interpreter, we suggest you testing your audio and video settings.

You can do that on our check page. To learn about the check page, visit this page.

Will I be heard and seen during the whole event?

No, the way VoiceBoxer is configured is that only one active speaker speaks at a time. This way, interpreters will only receive one audio feed at a time and will be able to perform at the best of their abilities!

Only when the moderator gives you the floor, you will be heard and seen by the people participating in the event. To learn more about the roles visit this page.

How can I delete the recording?

It is not possible to delete the recording on your own, but in case you are the event organizer, you can write to and our team will help you with that.

How long after a webinar will the recording be available?

The recording is available approximately half an hour after the event has ended. Longer events may take additional time to be processed.

How do I record a webinar?

All sessions on VoiceBoxer are automatically recorded.

To access your recording visit: event key

Users and plans

What is it included in my free plan?

Under a free plan you can create as many monolingual events as you wish to try out VoiceBoxer with the limitation of having up to 10 attendees .

To upgrade to a larger plan or to have your multilingual event, please contact us at