Before the event – When & who should I contact? 

In case you want your event recorded, please contact the VoiceBoxer staff via, so our team can activate the recordings.

Please note that the recording feature should be activated by our support team in advance (ideally one working day before the event has started).

After the event – How can I access the recording?

The recording will be stored on the cloud and be accessible via a link that is available in the VoiceBoxer Portal only for the user who created the event, under the following menu: Portal -> Past Events -> Details ->Download

How long after an event will the recording be available?

The recording is available the next day after the event has ended. Longer events may take additional time to be processed.

How can I delete the recording?

It is not possible to delete the recording on your own, but in case you are the event organiser, you can write to and our support team will help you.